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Family Law Coaching with Esther

Divorce Coaching Leveraged By Years of Experience as a Family Law Attorney

With years of experience handing divorce cases, Coach Esther is dedicated to the most insightful divorce coaching and guidance available.  She understands that every divorce is unique, and approached each case with empathy, expertise, and a deep understanding  of the complexities involved.  


‘Divorce Simplified: A Step-By-Step Guide’ breaks down the divorce process into manageable stages, with downloadable PDF Planners, actionable advice and resources to support you from start to finish.  This course isn’t just about presenting information; it’s about providing a step-by-step journey, paralleling the real-world divorce process, complete with tools and live expert guidance. Enroll in ‘Divorce Simplified’ and experience a structured, supportive path that takes you straight to the finish line of your divorce, equipped with knowledge, organization, and confidence.


Learn all about documents needed for your divorce case on the issues of child custody, child support, spousal support, property division and domestic violence

The Ultimate Divorce Documents Checklist Course

At last, an online video course where you can learn all about divorce documents.  Move through this course at your own pace.  Learn to IDENTIFY, UNDERSTAND, COLLECT and ORGANIZE all documents related to your divorce case.

Divorce Coaching At Every Stage

Navigating the Divorce Journey with Expert Guidance and Support.

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Pre Planning Stage

Divorce preplanning is a crucial step in ensuring that your financial, emotional, and legal interests are protected during the divorce process
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Coaching During Divorce Process

Gain emotional support and practical guidance from an experienced professional who can help you navigate the complexities of divorce
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Coaching Post-Divorce

A divorce coach can facilitate several aspects of your post-divorce life, providing specific guidance and support in areas such as:

Tailored Divorce Coaching Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions throughout the divorce process.  Whether’s it’s legal guidance, emotional support, or practical strategies,  Coach Esther leverages her years of experience to guide you towards a successful and more favorable resolution of your divorce case.  divorce coaching is leveraged by my years of experience as a family law attorney.

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Smart Strategies For Saving on Divorce Attorney Fees



Unparalleled Expertise In Child Custody Matters

Strategic Child Custody Coaching to Secure Your Most Favorable Outcome in or Out of Court

With over 20 years as a family law attorney, Coach Esther understands the complexities of child custody cases and the importance of crafting a compelling legal strategy.  You will work closely with Coach Esther to assess your unique situation, identify key strengths, and address any challenges you may face.  

Child Custody Coaching At Every Stage

Empowering Parents for Success, From Initial Custody Proceedings to Long-Term Co-Parenting: Child Custody Coaching at Every Stage

Child custody

Pre-Planning Stage

Position yourself for a stronger, well-prepared, and more focused legal representation.
Child custody Visitation

During Child Custody Court Case

A child custody coach can assist in developing a solid case strategy tailored to your specific circumstances
Child Custody Parents Shoulder

Post Custody Order Stage

Get help developing effective co-parenting strategies that foster healthy communication, and resolve conflicts.


For those who desire to secure the most favorable outcome for their their child custody case!  Knowledge is Power - learn about documents that can help your case!


A special place to learn about documents you should gather to help support your position in regards to your request for child custody orders - includes a module on documents related to the domestic violence as well.

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