Meet Esther C. Moore
Divorce & Child Custody Coach

During my 25+ years of experience as a family law attorney, I interacted with hundreds of individuals consumed with anxiety and fear when dealing with their court case.  Some were fearful of a negative outcome of their case; others fearful of the prospect of speaking directly to the Judge.  And, then there were those who were scared to death of facing negotiations with his/her spouse or significant other.  Many individuals carried the fear of a huge negative financial impact in regards to the division of community property or having to pay child and/or spousal support.  


However, I also had the wonderful experience of watching individuals overcome many of their fears and ease of anxiousness once he/she obtaining information that could help them develop a roadmap for his/her case.  Knowledge is, indeed, power!  


For many years, I have contemplated how I could reach and assist more individuals who are stuck in the above overwhelming scenarios. And, I am excited about the possibility of you being able to learn more about divorce, child custody, support, domestic violence and other aspects of family law issues.  Online learning is a method that allows the flexibility to take the courses at your own pace.  Additionally, with today’s technology, you can even learn from a mobile phone or tablet.  And, I’m doubly excited about our live question and answer sessions that will accompany the courses.  

More About Esther

My own life story includes the experience of being born into a large family and growing up in a rural town located in central California. My mother worked in the agricultural field for many years to support our family.  And, each of my siblings and I worked in the agricultural fields during our youth to help lift our family out of poverty.  My mother instilled the importance of education in all of her children.  And my love of education led me to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, Masters of Science Degree in Education and a Juris Doctorate (Law Degree)


I fully embrace the chapter of my own personal life story where I became a single parent at the young age of 19 and raised my son with the help of family.  My past professional experience includes employment in the private industry including a position as an Academic Dean at a private business college, director of job-training programs for women on welfare and displaced workers prior to becoming an attorn

Our Mission

Our online course platform offers learning courses for individuals, hopelessly, embroiled in family law court cases and who want to develop more clarity about the divorce process or gain a greater understanding of the court process.  

All of our courses are personally developed by an experienced family law attorney on various aspects of family law including divorce, custody, child support, child custody mediation, and property division.

We invite you to enroll in our courses and become familiar with family law so that you can make informed decisions about your case.  Our goal is that you become empowered to…

  • Rise up and make informed decisions

  • Rise above the fear of dealing with your family law case

  • Rise above the emotions of a bad relationship

  • Rise up and prepare for your family law case

  • Rise up and become informed about the impact of divorce.

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