Overwhelmed about your divorce case because you…

Many make the mistake of filing for divorce, meeting with an attorney, or participating in mediation or court hearings before gathering crucial documents! Don’t let that happen to you!

It’s not too late to get control of your divorce documents! We’ve got the perfect solution!

No more guessing about which documents are relevant to your divorce case.

Don’t make the mistake of going through a divorce without identifying, understanding, and organizing your most crucial documents!


Documents are ESSENTIAL to your divorce case! In fact, the law requires you to exchange certain documents with your spouse prior to finalizing your divorce. Are you procrastinating in gathering your documents because…

All Rise Solutions’s online course is the perfect solution to your problem. Our course will help you to IDENTIFY, UNDERSTAND, GATHER, and ORGANIZE your divorce documents.


VIDEO CONTENT: Video lessons covering everything you need to know about the documents important to your divorce case.

WORKBOOKS: Access easy to use Electronic PDF workbooks for each Module - where you can list all of the documents specific to that document category. Also, each workbook is formatted where you can insert information directly into your workbook - which will prove to be invaluable to your case.

The course workbooks are downloadable and will help you collect and organize documents crucial to your divorce case. Now is the time to do the work you’ve been avoiding.


By the end of the course, you will be able to identify the specific documents you need to collect for your divorce case. More importantly, you will also understand why you need the documents covered in this workshop. Upon completion of the worksheets contained in the workbooks provided for each module, your documents will be organized and ready to present in your court case.


In this module Coach Esther will provide an overview of the course and some additional background information.

a. Best Tips to Get the Most Out of the Course:  

We want you to get the most out of this course; therefore, you will be presented with tips to help you SUCCESSFULLY complete this course.

This module provides an explanation of the working relationship between documents and your divorce case.

In this module we cover all documents relevant to the determination of child support and spousal support.  Additionally, income documents will help you to identify accounts such as deferred compensation, retirement accounts, and health benefits.

a. Personal Property

Some personal property items might not be of great value, but other items covered in this module are very important and worth spending time getting familiar with, such as classic vehicles, stocks, bank accounts – just to name a few. 

b. Real Property 

Documents related to real property such as family residences, rental properties, vacant lots are covered in this module.  

c. Business Interest

This module provides an overview of documents necessary to a business valuation.

d. Employment Benefits

Most individuals are resistant to dividing retirement related benefits such as 401k accounts and pension benefits.  This module covers information on all employment related benefits.

e. Debt Related Documents

Just like community property assets are divided at the time of divorce, community debt such as credit cards, payday loans, etc. are considered when reaching agreements or Court orders when addressing the final divorce decree. 

f. Insurance Documents

We don’t want you to forget about various insurance related documents, so we’ve covered various insurance related documents, including disability insurance.

It’s easy to miss collecting important documents that don’t necessarily fall under an easy to spot category such as income or real property, so we’ve included a module that covers some really important documents relevant to your case, e.g., such as passports for you and/or your children, prenuptial agreements and other crucial documents.

a. Child Custody

If you’re not sure which documents are most important to a child custody case, you will want to make sure you take this course.  This module covers all relevant documents – which can make all the difference in your custody case – from documents such as phone call logs, detailed visitation logs to inappropriate social media postings.  Get ahead of your child custody case and start collecting and organizing documents today!

b. Child Support

We want you to be PREPARED if child support is an issue that needs addressing during your divorce.  “Being prepared” means having the necessary documents required by the Court for the calculation of child support.  In this module, you will learn about the specific documents relevant to child support.  Identifying, collecting and organizing these documents will help you to have a more favorable outcome of your child support case.

Whether you are the spouse who will be paying spousal support or the spouse who believes he or she is entitled to spousal support, you must prove your position in court.  This module covers documents specific to spousal support.  Besides the obvious “income documents” that are covered in the Income Module, this module provides an overview of the factors that a court will consider in regards to a determination of spousal support, as well as an overview of the documents related to this issue.

It’s not unusual to find one spouse seeking a domestic violence restraining order during divorce proceedings.    Anyone seeking such an order must be prepared to present physical evidence along with his or her written statement about any incidents of domestic violence.  In this module we will cover specific documents related to acts of harassment, threats, or physical harm.

This last module is just as important as all of the others.  By now you should have gathered all of the documentation needed for your divorce case –  whether hard copies, electronic copies, or a combination of both.  The next important step is for you to create an overall organization system that will enable you to manage all of your documents, as well as correspondence, court forms, and other documentation.

This extensive online course will assist you in gaining control of your family law case by…

MEET YOUR COURSE CREATOR AND PRESENTER: Esther Moore, Divorce & Child Custody Coach

About Coach Esther 

  • She has spent the last 26 years as a practicing family law attorney assisting others with navigating through divorce and child custody cases. Divorce cases ranged from a basic divorce to more complex cases involving business valuations, high conflict child custody and domestic violence matters. 
  • During her experience as a family law attorney, Esther served as a Court appointed Minor’s Counsel – representing minor children as young as 4 years old. 
  • Her life experience included that of being a single parent, which she says provides her with real life insight into the life of individuals facing the journey of single parenthood.
  • Prior to entering law school, Coach Esther earned a Master of Science Degree in Education and was employed as an Academic Dean (as well as an instructor) at a private Business College in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Esther’s MS degree in education and work experience proved invaluable developing the curriculum of All Rise Solution’s online courses and coaching program.
  • Esther is proud to share that she has leveraged her many years of family law experience in creating this course and designed it with you in mind.


This course was created by a family law attorney who stands in the belief that documents are the cornerstone of your divorce case.  The reality is that most individuals simply fail to fully participate in his/her divorce for various reasons ranging from emotional unpreparedness to complete denial.

Even if you hire an attorney to represent you in your divorce, you will save thousands of dollars in attorney fees if you collect and organize your documents before handing them over to your attorney.

Documents are needed not only for each category of assets and debts but also for divorce issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, as well as issues of domestic violence.

Identifying, understanding, collecting, and organizing your documents becomes the basis for a STRATEGIC DIVORCE – which is the best divorce!

Price: $297

No matter where you are on your divorce journey or ongoing custody battle, help is available for you.  Book your initial consultation today, and together we can start the work of getting control of your high-conflict divorce case.


  • Over 4 hours of videos covering 12 major document categories
  • Companion workbooks available for immediate download!
  • 12 downloadable workbooks which includes comprehensive worksheets


The cost is only $297! That’s less than the amount of fees an attorney would charge you per hour to explain the documents needed for divorce.

Soon after you register, you will be sent a welcome email with all the information needed to get started in viewing your online course.  The course consists of 12+ modules and companion workshops.

This course was created for individuals who intend to file for divorce or those who have already filed for divorce and need to collect all the necessary documents related to the following issues:  property division, child custody, financial support (custody and spouse), and domestic violence.

This is an online self-paced course.  You can start the course at your convenience and participate at times most convenient for you.

The course consists of more than 4 hours of video time.

You will have access to the course for 18 months from the date of registration.  Thereafter, the course will no longer be available for your use.

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